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Thank you for visiting our store Free ground shipping offer expires in 00 : 00 : Trending girls' birthday themes Frozen 2. Descendants 3. Baby Shark.

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Disney Princess. Magical Rainbow. Floral Fairy. PJ Masks.

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PAW Patrol. JoJo Siwa. Llama Llama. Throw a Disney princess party! Frozen 2. The Little Mermaid. Snow White. Believe in magic All Unicorn Birthday Themes. Make a splash All Mermaid Birthday Themes. Celebrate her birthday with favorite characters Minnie Mouse. Pink PAW Patrol. Hello Kitty.

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Keep it simple, and let the kids run to their heart's content. If you want a theme, we've got top summer-themed birthdays here, and our favorite outdoor themes here. Whether you decide to let a few guest sleepover in a tent or if you just grill up some hot dogs, serve s' mores for dessert and have a few nature scavenger hunts , a camping-themed birthday is always a hit, especially during the warmer months! Need ideas for your tiniest naturalist? Check out this adorable camp-themed first birthday party to be inspired.

We aren't referring to the bubbles you remember pre-kids, but a morning party with brunch items and kid-favorite bubbles is a winning combo.

Party Favor Ideas For Boy's & Girl's Party

Offer up egg muffins, scones, fruit and other nibbly goodies, and let the kids go wild with a wand or two. See this two-year-old's sweet day for more ideas. Or, if you've got older kids, why not set up a bubble lab with experiments, instead. In March you can head to the big top to see Tim Burton's reimagined Dumbo , but in the meantime, you can make your carnival dreams come true with a Dumbo-themed party!

Nutter Butter treats, lots of colors and let's not forget images of our favorite, big-eared elephant!

5 Low-Stress Birthday Party Ideas for Ages 1 Through 8

You can deck your party out in style with printables from Where the Green Grass Grows. Pokeman is still a thing and that's because of the new Detective Pikachu film. Deck your kiddos party after the beloved character and don't forget all the fun Pokeballs and treat bags, like these adorable catchalls from The Homes I Have Made. Superheroes are forever popular but this warrior woman has reached new heights. If was the year of the woodland creature and the year of the flamingo, then is the year of the llama and also, maybe the sloth. From sweet baby shower themes to full-on party games pin the tail on the llama, anyone?

We think Anna would smile about this trend. We love this simple llama cake topper kit ears, eyes and mouth that transforms your theme instantly some piping skills required.

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Move over painting parties, here comes the next exciting thing in children's birthday activities! Alice's Table provides custom floral arranging parties including children's birthday parties pssst Each attendee learns how to create a professional floral arrangement and bring it home in a stylish vase or a beautiful flower crown fit for a queen. Plus, they come to you if you're hosting a private event. Check out their events calendar and search by state to find happenings near you. Online: alicestable.

Email Versus Paper Invitations for Kid Parties

There are three secret ingredients to pulling this party off: tulle, gold glitter and a princess kit cake from Cakest. Skip on over to Mint Event Design to see more inspiring pictures. Birthday party ideas for girls and boys age 8 years old. Hula Hoopla Game After splitting into two teams have children line up in two lines. Have each member of a team hold hands and tell them not to let go. Teams then try and get the hula hoop from one end of the line to the other and then back again without letting go of their hands.

This birthday party game is silly and fun!

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Treasure Hunt Games Treasure hunts can be played in many different ways. The main idea of the treasure hunt game is to have the kids hunt hidden treasure by using clues. Several variations of this birthday party game are listed under our treasure hunt page. Egg and Spoon Games Kids race while holding an egg or use a cotton ball, ping pong ball or other small ball on a wooden spoon.

The team that has all their players complete the course first wins. For a fun variation use a prop from the birthday party theme such as a sword and coins. Giant Game A fun birthday party game that really gets the kids involved Use sidewalk chalk to draw a very large HUGE! The game board can be drawn in an oval, circle or figure eight. Make squares on the board that are 18".

Number Cakes & Dessert Ideas For Single Digit Birthdays

Some fun ideas are Move back 3 spaces, Twirl, Squawk like a chicken, etc. The players themselves are the playing pieces! You can make two super big dice from square boxes for them to roll during the game. Silly Racing Games for 8 year olds Divide party guests into teams of two or more for these games. Water Relay Games for age 8 year olds Teams have to move water from one side of the playing field to the the other using spoons, sponges or cups with holes in the bottom.

Great for summer parties because everyone gets wet! Set out a large tub filled with water at the far end of the field and two smaller containers that are equal in size next to the teams starting point. Kids run to the tub, get water and carry it to fill their container. Mystery Fishing Game Before the party you will need to buy small toys or candy for the "fish" to attach to the fishing pole. Make sure to have enough for the kids to play over and over. You'll need a fishing pole made from a bamboo stick, yarn and a clothespin attached at the end of the pole.