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The Sagittarius sign is represented by an image of an archer or a centaur, representative of their sharp focus and aim in achieving their goals. They crave success and approval from themselves and others, and their relentless drive helps them achieve these with ease.

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The sign can also be represented by fire, an indicator of the fleeting nature of their thoughts and interests and, obviously, their bright minds get it? To Sagittarians, every topic is compelling and worthy of their attention and ponderance. They seem all-around fascinating, right?

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Well, most of the time. Sagittarians have a dark side that only those closest to them can identify. Here is what astrology says is the dark side of this horoscope sign. Due to their knack for contemplation and critical thought, a Sagittarius is prone to overestimating his or her intellect and, as a result, can come across as egotistical.

Narcissism has a tendency to lead to self-indulgence, and Sagittarians can get carried away with it. While it rarely gets in the way of their work, it certainly poses the risk of driving away friends and family. Of the many possible consequences of such awareness, foot-in-mouth syndrome is possibly the most consistent among them. This quality makes Leo prone to leadership, stability, and stubbornness.

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  4. The combination of fire within a fixed quality is what fuels the infamous Leo ego. Leos love to lead, but a Leo leads to maintain control and rule. They love to tie down everything from ideas to people and need stability and time to figure things out. Any movement that threatens this stability will strike fear in the heart of a Leo.

    Sagittarius possesses a mutable quality.

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    Although this aspect of Sagittarius is more yielding than signs that are fixed, the fiery mutable nature of Sagittarius make for a somewhat complicated follower. Mutable signs are thrown into the world without a deep a sense of identity. Thus, they adore new information and view the potential for change as an opportunity to find out more about themselves.

    A Leo, on the other hand, does possess a strong sense of self and has an inclination towards self-affirming introspection, while Sagittarius remains largely internally undecided and open. In short, Leos can be threatened by Sagittarius' love of exploration and need for the freedom to be, just as easily as Sagittarius may feel stifled by Leo's need to control and rule.

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    A relationship between a Sagittarius and a Leo represents a passionate and fun, but not ideal, astrological match. At its best, the shared fire element creates a spark that can keep this relationship vibrant and alive, and when placed within two complimentary natal charts , a Leo matched with a Sagittarius can yield a passionate, fun, and loving long-term relationship. Relationships that grow from Leo Sagittarius match are fire-hot with a tremendous depth of feeling.

    A Leo is warm, action-oriented, and driven by the desire to be loved and admired, and this emboldens Sagittarius.


    Leo's flair for the dramatic is matched by Sagittarius' bold, devil-may-care attitude. Both often draw energy from the other's love of life.

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    Dating between Leo and Sagittarius has its benefits. Leos can do a wonderful job presenting themselves well on dates.

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    In other words, they dress and act to impress. Dating a Sagittarius can be an uplifting experience thanks to their overwhelming optimism and positivity.

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    Sagittarius' good-humored nature can fire up Leo's playful nature, and this mutual exchange of positive energy can lead to some of the most amazing dates. More likely than not, any date between Leo and Sagittarius will be adventurous, intellectual, creative, fun, and high-energy affair. Time together in bed can be like a fun playtime for both Leo and Sagittarius. Gemini and Sagittarius are both Mutable Signs and are thus extremely compatible. This is a good thing; when Gemini changes their mind mid-thought, Sagittarius has no problem taking a degree turn and keeping right up with their high-flying partner.

    When Sagittarius suddenly gets the travel bug, Gemini is very amiable about hopping in the car and going right along. Their mutual interest in cultivating knowledge, utilizing intellect and turning it into action.

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    They are well-matched in their enthusiasm, energy and drive. Common interests and similar personalities make them a compatible couple. Who's in your future? Ask a psychic now. Here, how it affects you!

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