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Now, solar energy activates your elusive eighth house , the dark, mysterious area of your chart associated with death, sex, and regeneration. This may feel a bit uncomfortable at first because you definitely prefer basking in the sunlight to brooding in the shadows. Seize this opportunity to celebrate the incredible complexity of your spirit. Finally, the month concludes with a full moon in Virgo on Tuesday, February This means you're ready to make some serious money moves.

During this lunation, take a moment to consider new financial streams. Can you create a new opportunity? Sleep on it with Glow Recipe's Avocado Melt Mask , a moisturizing overnight mask that'll have you waking up looking refreshed. Find Aliza on Instagram , Twitter , and her website. This is a time of growth for you, and your growth will correspond with healing.

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By Nicola Dall'Asen. You should be able to find the words to ask for the support you need.

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You have the courage to make your position clear and release anything unhealthy from your life. You could get nostalgic or maybe a bit blue and should make self-care top priority now. Your craving for security might extend to a desire for romantic commitment, in which case your thoughts may turn to living together, having kids — the whole shebang. You could also be focused on relationships with roomies and what it will take to make your living situation work well.

Venus encounters Pluto later in the week, intensifying your mood and generating a desire to change the aesthetics of your space and shift the energy. Focus on doing everything to the best of your abilities and improving your quality of life with a healthy diet and exercise regimen and efficient time management.

A Mercury-Neptune mashup in that corner can muddle communication on the job, so have patience with crossed wires. You might get the info — or meet the contact — you need to get something done. A full moon at the end of your chart could bring a secret to light or push something from your subconscious onto your radar. Pay attention to your dreams and inklings for clues, and balance out your busyness with plenty of rest and reflection. When Venus and Saturn get together in your thinking-and-talking corner early in the week, your mind will turn to weightier matters, and you might secure a key contact or meet an appealing older person.

Venus gets entangled with your ruler a few days later, which might push you into an obsessive loop. Creative work, journaling or a brief sojourn to a pretty place could do the trick. Do what makes you happy and savor the feeling of showing your authentic self.

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With Mercury and Neptune coalescing in that sector, heartfelt words and beautiful writing will flow out of you, but you might not see the object of your affection very clearly. You could easily convince yourself to splurge under this influence. A full moon in your humanity house can trigger squad drama and persuade you to be there for a friend in need.

A need to be around people could land you in a large gathering and result in an epic night out.

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You could become more serious about a plan to get what you want when Venus and Saturn mesh in your resources zone early in the week. Get your priorities in order and surround yourself with reliable people. A dose of nature can offer instant gratification, so go outside and indulge your senses. Wanderlust will take a backseat to hibernation, as you center yourself at home base and catch up on sleep or your favorite shows.

Leo Weekly Astrology & Tarot Horoscope February 18-25 2019

Mercury and Neptune are conferring in that angle, which might trigger disappointment or a misunderstanding with a roomie or parent. Then when Merc spars with Jupiter in Sagittarius, a convo with a roomie or parent could lift your spirits, boost your confidence and inspire you to throw caution to the wind. A crisis with your boss could pull you out of hibernation mode, or an achievement of yours could gain notice, pushing you onto center stage.

Be ready to perform at your best! Venus and Saturn put their heads together in Capricorn at the beginning of the week, which could put you in a more serious mood and make you more selective about whom you spend time with. You want to be with people who are right for you—or else be by yourself.

Venus connects with Pluto a few days later, sending your charisma skyrocketing and giving you a lot of power, and you should try to use it for good. After the sun rockets into your cognition-and-communication house, the tempo of your thoughts, interactions and daily life will pick up. You can put a lot of yourself into everything you say and write in the coming month, and your restlessness and curiosity will keep you on the go. Mercury and Neptune are entwined in that house, though, making thoughts and conversations much more subjective.

You could get your wires crossed with someone, but you could also have a creative breakthrough, read the room intuitively and convey compassion through kind words. A Mercury-Jupiter run-in suggests a convo or piece of information will feed your private hopes and increase self-awareness, so keep trying to connect with people — and be an attentive listener. When a full moon activates your expansion corner, you may have an impulse to take a leap of faith and chase after a big adventure.

This is the best lunation of the year for banishing a limiting personal belief from your mind once and for all. Plus it helps you put up firm boundaries with people who drain the energy out of you. Venus meets with potent Pluto later in the week, and that matchup could intensify a private connection like a secret crush or behind-closed-doors affair. Pain or jealousy might arise from deep within you, and forgiveness will have a cathartic effect. As the sun leaves Aquarius and segues into your worth zone, the focus shifts from who you are to what you have and what you need.

Mercury and Neptune are circling each other in that same zone, clouding your financial judgment. Merc squares off with Jupiter in your network sector next, which might motivate you to make a generous donation that benefits others. You could also ascertain how to use resources to help a team endeavor flourish. Just be mindful of the fact that your thinking about money and possessions differs from group expectations for the time being.

The full moon in your sharing house pushes you to master the intricate dance of give-and-take. Thanks again for the horoscope! Skip to content. Facebook Pinterest Twitter. TAGS: astrological horoscope , astrology , horoscopes , star signs , tracy allen , weekly horoscope , zodiac signs. This comment form is under antispam protection. Most reacted comment. Hottest comment thread. Notify of. February is my month, such a good post got to know a-lot about myself.